Stop Looking at Your Clock

You wake up and take a look at the clock. It’s only 12:30 am, and you’ve only gotten 2 hours of sleep. You think, “I need to get back to sleep now. If I don’t, I’m only going to get a couple hours of sleep and won’t be able to function tomorrow.”

Another night, you wake and look at the clock. It’s 4:00 am. You have to be up for work at 6:00 am. You start to worry that if you can’t get back to sleep you’re only going to achieve 5 hours of sleep. You start to worry that you are not going to feel well later in the day if you can’t get back to sleep. The more you worry, the more alert you become. Maybe you’re lucky and fall back to sleep. Or maybe you find that after agonizing for awhile, you quit trying to get back to sleep and end up just getting up for the day.

The solution: Don’t look at your clock at night.

If you don’t need a clock, just turn it off. If you need an alarm clock, then turn it around or get one that doesn’t illuminate. If you’re paranoid (like me) that if you can’t see it that it’s not going to go off and wake you up in time, set an alarm on separate alarm clocks. However, the time needs to be out of view. If you can see the time from your bed, chances are that you are going to look at it.

When I dealt with insomnia in the past. I initially thought, “I just won’t look at it.” However, every single time I woke up, I would look at the silly thing.

When’s the last time you looked at the clock at night? How did you feel when you saw the time? How long did it take you to fall back to sleep? Leave a comment.


Remember to never drive or engage in activities requiring a high level of attention when drowsy.

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